"More and more I become conscious of an ultimate destiny.

I think I have a role to play in influencing the minds of men."

Peter Fuller 1967







Peter Fuller was one of Britain’s leading art critics when he died in 1990, aged 42. Fuller had a weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph and was the founding editor of Modern Painters magazine, one of the most important magazines on art in Britain. Along with such prestigious books as Art and Psychoanalysis, Peter wrote regularly for Art Monthly UK and New Society for nearly two decades. His writings are currently being read all over the world from TATE Britain to universities in China. For a link to all the articles in Art Influence read more




Introduction to Peter Fuller - by Robert Chenciner

For some hidden agenda of Peter’s I wrote an article on the market in Auerbach, Kossof and Freud for the back page of Volume 1 No 1 of Modern Painters in Spring 1988. I guess that gives a poetic symmetry to my introduction here... READ MORE


His Publications Include

Marches Past (ISBN: 0701209232) The Hogarth Press, 1991.

The Naked Artist: 'Art and Biology' and Other Essays (ISBN: 0863160468) Writers & Readers Publishing, 1983.

Beyond the Crisis in Art (ISBN: 0906495342) Writers and Readers;, 1981.

Henry Moore: An Interpretation (ISBN: 0413685101) Methuen, 1994.

The Australian Scapegoat: Towards and Antipodean Aesthetic University of Western Australia Press, Western Australia, 1986.

Aesthetics After Modernism (ISBN: 0863160441) Writers and Readers, 1983.

Theoria: Art and the Absence of Grace (ISBN: 0701129425) Chatto and Windus, 1988.

Robert Natkin (ISBN: 0810913550) New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1981.

Peter Fuller’s Modern Painters; Reflections on British Art  edited by John McDonald (ISBN: 0413674606) Methuen, London, 1993.

Images of God. The Consolations of Lost Illusions (ISBN: 0701208716) The Hogarth Press, London, 1990, and Chatto and Windus, 1985.

Seeing Berger: A Reevaluation of Ways of Seeing (ISBN: 0906495482) Writers & Readers, 1981.

Seeing Through Berger (ISBN: 9781870626750) Claridge Press 01/01/1988, 1988.

Left High and Dry - the Posturing of the Left Establishment (ISBN: 1870626362) The Claridge Press, 1990.

Art And Psychoanalysis (Hogarth Press Criticism) (ISBN: 0701208104) Published by The Hogarth Press Ltd in 1988.

Art and Psychoanalysis (ISBN: 0906495326) Writers & Readers, New York, New York, U.S.A., 1981 and Writers and Readers Pub., London, 1981.

The Champions: The secret motives in games and sports (ISBN: 0916354695) Urizen Books, 1977.

Die Champions : Psychoanalyse d. Spitzensportlers. (ISBN: 3100236017) Frankfurt am Main : S. Fischer, 1976.

The Champions: The Secret Motives in Games and Sports (ISBN: 0713910771) Allen Lane, London, 1978.

The Psychology of Gambling (Pelican S.) Halliday, Jon; Fuller, Peter (ISBN: 0140220046) Pelican, 1977.

Henry Moore (ISBN: 0297793039) Susan Crompton with Richard Cork and Peter Fuller, Royal Academy of Arts / Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1988.










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